15 June 2012

Painting with colour...

Taking advantage of the light before the storm today and of my renewed energy (thanks to antibiotics) - I jumped up and decided to photograph some paintings that I finished ... when the sun shone warm and brightly and I felt free and light spirited.

These small paintings are a BIG step forward for me.  There is a long history to my life as a painter and perhaps I'll tell it one day.  But I will share that the last time I painted in colour was over 7 years ago.

I have rediscovered the joy of colour through my natural dying experiments.  I can't describe the smile on my face, when I see red onion skin dye turn green when I add alum - or the indescribable blue from thawed bluebell petals - and the impossibly perfect pink like raspberries that is extracted from the pip of an avocado pear.

Suddenly - somehow, some light turned on in the darkness of my vision and I began to crave colour.
When I had used the couple of small canvases that I had stacked at the back of the cupboard under the stairs - I rushed to town to buy some more - and then tore out sheets of heavy paper and taped them to my drawing board on the living room floor - and painted for days.

I am trying to maintain this association between colour and joy - I am trying to push out the darkness - there is no more black and white.

Maybe that is what I should call these paintings. "There is No More Black and White"


  1. fabulous title and gorgeous color.

  2. I have been feeling a bit 'black and white' at the moment, so these colours are so uplifting and joyous, Joanne! I love too, reading of your natural dye experiments, such an organic, magical process.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend that continues to be filled with colour! J x :)

  3. Thanks Judith! Hope your weekend is colourful too! xx


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