26 May 2012

New Life From Old....

I'm  a self taught Silversmith, (I use that word very free and easy I know).
Which means that I hold down a job, keep house, cook and clean after a small family, work with young women in my Church twice a week (often more), try to fit in a good Yoga session,  and then, if I'm lucky, get time to sit at the bench and work out how to make something I'm proud of!

I'm lucky though, I have the whole Summer off work (not everything else) to practise, the wire wrapping beads, how to get a smooth bezel setting, and how to form the perfect French wires.....
I thought I would show you how last years efforts have been transformed - thanks to a little more confidence and self belief, AND the loan of my son's camera - which is soooo much better than a doddery old Pentax 1000D that literally eats batteries!

This Pendant was a little overloaded with goodies....and the chain was too chunky for the delicate little gems and primitive bird (she is the first thing I ever cut out of silver by the way)
I very bravely - 'cause it's always a brave thing to tear things up and start again - 
dismantled the heavy weight ...

The leather strap is much  better; it's wrapped with sterling wire at intervals, and threaded with a sterling bead, every so often...I lost the turquoise, it was too distracting, and now my little leaf and primitive chick can swing happily knowing that they have all the attention.

I'm smiling at that thought.

I know I'm not the only one that finds it hard to let go of something you've poured your heart and soul in to, but I also think, that when something (or someone) is ready to fly away and make it's own nest, it can be just as satisfying to know that it is loved just as well (if not more) somewhere else.

I would love to be able to make the rent making and selling the things I make.


I have to be a little lot more confident and let these babies fly!


The hippy chick earrings are happily nesting in their new home!
(thank you D!)


  1. They are so beautiful, adorable, expressive and poetic ... no doubt, i would love to give them a new home :) Daniela

    1. Thank you Daniela!
      I'm sure they would be well looked after.

  2. i see your soul in these beautiful pieces
    my dear joanne,


    ps: still sunny here : )

    1. Thank you beautiful friend!


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