1 May 2012

craft it forward

I still need two more people to sign up to the craft-it-forward project.

If you missed it - I need five people willing to receive a handmade gift from me (I have three!) - and to then give five other people a handmade gift...etc...etc...

The first two people to leave a comment here - will receive the handmade gift.

I'm not revealing yet what I will send once I have my five names - but I think it's going to be textile based...

Is it sunny where you are?
I hope so....it's still grey as slate here - and blowing an almighty gale.....

PS:  I received a wonderfully precious snail mail yesterday - and can't wait to sit down and write a reply...


  1. I would love to participate - :)

    1. Hi Angela!
      You are in! Just send me your address and I will send you your handmade "craft-it-forward" gift!

    2. Yay. Can you please send me a quick email - I can't seem to find yours (and am heading out the door for Europe this morning :)My email is: ritchieacecamps@yahoo.ca. (and I can send you my address)
      Thank you Joanne!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Olga, did you get my email requesting your address? Your craft-it-forward gift is waiting :)

  3. it is a shame that i can not enter,
    lucky the ones who join your craft it forward!!: )

    YES, luckely it is sunny here. today the first buds opened on my tiny magnolia tree. and i also noticed some green "signs" in the pots were i planted sweet pea flower seeds some days back..makes me happy : )

    sending tons of love,

    1. You'll be getting a sneak peak (just for you!)


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