29 February 2012

reds and yellows...tones of copper

ah - at last the photographs of the natural dying project 
and the jewellery I have been making from copper wire. 

Red onion skins:  
give such a beautiful array of reds - I dipped some left over cream wool into this for a fair -isle knitting project I have in mind - and these strips of dyed calico have been cut into squares, then triangles and now sewn together in a long patchwork band - in preparation for trimming the tunic that is drying on the line in the miraculous sun!

Yellow onion skins: 
give so many different shades of gold and copper that I couldn't resist pairing the fabric with the earrings, bracelet and ring that I made - soon to be in the shop.  I have also dipped some wool samples into the dye - and was fascinated to watch how the dye was absorbed from the liquid, leaving the dye liquid almost as thin and pale as water.

I know why I like this natural dying - it's like painting with nature - and its thrilling every single time - to see the results.  I'm no expert, but love to follow those that are, and wait with anticipated breath for when tinctory returns to refill her shop with her wonderful creations - now this is art!


  1. i HAVE to try natural dying too!! i love the shades you show in the photos
    sooo looking forward to see the beautiful copper in your etsy soon.

    i hope your sister are showing signs of healing..


    1. Oh thank you v, you will looove it! But I warn you that it is addictive!
      I'm aiming to get the copper into the shop by the weekend - but I'm a committed procrastinator :)

      and my sister is healing, thank you so much for asking, she is still so fragile, so thin, so barely here still...


  2. Your images are absolutely stunning. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. Thank you Claire, and I love your blog!


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