4 February 2012

if you go down in the woods today

you might find some roaring waterfalls, hidden, revealed, defying icy, sub-zero temperatures.

I want to go there today, but might have to hurry - the Eastern European snow is on it's way....please hurry...I am missing the long white winter of 2011...

My Russian novel arrived yesterday -  it is a weighty block - but fortunately, I am as in love with the Russians as Nadia of La Porte Rouge...so am relishing today - snuggled in blankets, sipping hot chamomile, eating fresh bread (I am addicted to making bread now - I can not stop!) and perhaps feeding my sugar addiction with home made tablet fudge from the amazing Lakshmi....is it better for me because it is home made?

photography by Lakshmi

Waiting for new wool to arrive to finish an unravelling project that I will blog about soon....it has brought me much satisfaction to see an old jumper transformed into something that I can wear and enjoy, whilst wiping out some painful memories...

I am also working with the Copper wire - linked bracelet - almost complete, several wrap-around and hammered rings - and perhaps a necklace or three today!  I love the warmth of Copper!  I promise to get photographing them as soon as they are done - why am I so reluctant to let go of the things I make???

Have a warm and peaceful weekend....

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