10 January 2012

second nature

My daughter is studying Textile Design at A level in school this year - a subject I think I would have loved to study too if they had offered it back in the day - so now I get a chance to try some lovely things with the excuse of 'helping' my daughter - but really, having a field day with new materials and ideas.

We have decided - or rather I suggested - that we try some natural dying processes to use on her finished design. I already design patterns for fabric and place them on my Spoonflower shop for sale - but I don't really get my hands dirty with fabric design - and I must admit I have been dying (excuse the pun) to try this.  I have been pouring over the pages of India Flint's book "Second Skin" and was stunned to realise how quickly and without too much mess and very little effort (although one of my fingers is throbbing from the missed  blow of a mallet) a design can be produced onto fabric from nature's offering alone.

I swiped a couple of petals from my mother's Poinsettia plant this morning - and in about ten minutes from start to finish (including photography) I produced the most pretty leaf pattern  - it only  needs a steam iron to heat set the colour and it's done.

When I saw the colour of this print and the leaves I suddenly remembered the jewellery I had made over Christmas and had not gotten around to photographing yet - so I ran to get these two pieces....

A delicious Carnelian cabouchon set in sterling silver....like a flower bud peaking...

Freshwater pearls, faceted garnet beads and a Carnelian bud make this choker length pendant... in the shop soon. 

It's been a wet, grey, day - all day - and these beautiful colours just made me smile - even though there was barely any daylight left to photograph.

How has your day been?
Good I hope.

PS::  the ring is now available in the shop 


  1. I would have never thought to stamp petals. It turned out great! Doesn't it stink that kids today have so many opportunities at school? I mean, it really doesn't stink; I'm just jealous.

  2. I'm going to try violets and pansies just as soon as they are in flower....any week now. :)

  3. beautiful! you may be jealous of my being in classes, but right now i am jealous of the time you have to make such beautiful things. thank you for your comment. it brought a bit of needed peace to my heart. and this is just such a lovely blog to visit. i will be back again and again and again.


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