25 January 2012

quiet, dark days

There has been a lot of reading quietly here, all of us, each engrossed in our own fictional worlds.  We are a contented group of people right now, and even though it is dark - the sky almost touches our heads - we are lighting candles, and snuggling.....

No reason for it - I don't think - but I feel so tired, and have no energy...perhaps it's the chemical detox!!

I have been abstaining from or cutting down on ~ CAFFEINE, ADDITIVES, PRESERVATIVES, DAIRY, SHOP BOUGHT BREAD, PRE-COOKED ANYTHING, HONEY (I get through a jar a week usually) and I am addicted to Almond Milk which is of course Non-Dairy and super easy to make....

photography by the amazing super woman Kendra of A Sonoma Garden whose blog has inspired me to do quite a few things actually.

Adapted from Kendra's recipe (or you can link right over there and get the original!)

I am the only one who drinks this, so I use Half a Cup of Almonds (skin on) and leave them to soak overnight


Throw away the soaking water!  I did NOT do this the first time and it was bitter and disgusting.

So next - add the almonds to a blender with 2 Cups of water a spoonful of honey and whizz!

I use a sieve over a jug to pour the blend through, squash the pulp with a spoon, and then pour the milk into an old glass juice jar (recycling), keep in the fridge and add it to my morning porridge, or make a banana, egg, honey smoothie with it (yum).

Keep the pulp in the fridge and add it to Yoghurt, Porridge, Bread, Cookies, anything you like - it is the best!

If you feel tempted to make and taste this non dairy revelation - let me know how you got on.
Back to the book now - Short Stories from here.  Every one of her stories is amazing and she was the only writer that Virginia Woolf declared herself jealous of....so that's a recommendation if ever I heard one.

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  1. I learned how to make almond milk a few years ago when I went temporarily vegan...it IS the best. Thanks for the reminder of how easy and delicious it is.


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