23 November 2011

Book Club Report..

I have read the Henry James Classic - I had not read before...and will admit to struggling through the lengthy detailed realism and perhaps skimming over some passages of what seemed to my contemporary eyes unnecessary descriptive information....but then the characters, and fate of this American Lady in Europe had to be discovered...she could not possibly come to a bad end...it had to all end well didn't it?  And then - the uncomfortable realisation of how her mistakes were manipulated by those 'friends' around her...and recognising the similarities of deception in my own story....well, it became very contemporary indeed!  And I promise the next time I read it - I shall savour the details (now that I know the ending).

The next book is another I have not read.....which was why I joined up to this book club in the beginning!

"Silas Marner"  George Eliot.

Have you read it yet?  Is it a good ending?
I promise I shan't be like my mother and read the end first - this is something she always does - and when I once asked her why she spoiled the story by doing this - she said that she could not bear a sad ending.....which is very much like her..oh and "Happy Birthday Mum" xx

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